Prior to any Further Theory
Structural Functionality


Bookending the musico-philosophical arguments intrinsic to my personal practice and conception of musical experience, Conclusions returns to where the Prolegomena began, with the structural makeup of tonality, to posit that the most essential aspect of musical experience is inexplicably bound to the means of its creation.

However, due to fatigue from the work of preparing material in a publishable state without any purpose for it to be presented that way, and disinterest in writing any more about music instead of writing it, the conclusions comes into form as pensées, as fragments and ideas, not fully, coherently framed but nevertheless fully thought out.

Unlike the first work, the purpose of this is not really to discuss a proposal for a way of viewing new structures, but rather attempting to explain, and implore, a new way of viewing structures; therefore, the result is a short introduction to my thought that ties up some loose ends from my original ideas.