Sean Tartaglia



What I Mean by "Liturgical Recitative"


b. Feb. 6, 1994
fl. Jan 23, 2018 —

Initial studies with Martin Rokeach; counterpoint with Frank La Rocca; aesthetics, notation, and performance practice with Antoine Beuger.

Speculative theorist of post-Partch structural theory and post-Tenney perceptual theory.

A composer of radical Catholicity in the truest sense, in both conception and in execution, as well as one akin to Harry Partch in stressing a corporeal music—drawn from the ancient world,without pastiche, syncretic new age ideas, or direct copy, achieved through an emphasis on an ancient attitude, not an ancient sound—interested in developing the tradition of liturgical recitative beyond its Gregorian roots while retaining its essential quality.

2013 - initial studies with Martin Rokeach for three months; drops out of academic study after reading Genesis of a Music and refusing to study tonal theory

2013 — 2016 - independent study of modal structures

2016 — 2018 - on the recommendation of Martin Rokeach, private study of counterpoint and modality with Frank La Rocca

2018 - discusses aesthetics, notation, and performance practice with Antoine Beuger; performance of rescinded study piece in Haan

2018 — 2019 - private study of composition with Frank La Rocca; finalization six years of observations into Prolegomena to Tetrachordal Structure

2020 - refutation of the observations of the Prolegomena in Eleatic Conceptions of Musical Experience