Sean Patrick Igna-
-tius Tartaglia




b. Feb. 6, 1994
fl. Jan 23, 2018 —

2013 - initial studies with Martin Rokeach for three months; drops out of academic study after reading Genesis of a Music and refusing to study tonal theory

2013 — 2016 - independent study of modal structures

2016 — 2018 - on the recommendation of Martin Rokeach, private study of counterpoint and modality with Frank La Rocca

2018 - discusses aesthetics, notation, and performance practice with Antoine Beuger; performance of rescinded study piece in Haan

2018 — 2019 - private study of composition with Frank La Rocca; finalization six years of observations into Prolegomena to Tetrachordal Structure

2020 - refutation of the observations of the Prolegomena in Eleatic Conceptions of Musical Experience

Initial studies with Martin Rokeach; countpoint with Frank La Rocca; aesthetics, notation, and performance practice with Antoine Beuger.

Speculative theorist of post-Partch structural theory and post-Tenney perceptual theory.

A composer of radical Catholicity in the truest sense, in both conception and in execution, as well as one akin to Harry Partch in stressing a corporeal music drawn from the ancient world without pastiche, syncretic new age ideas, or direct copy, achieved through an emphasis on an ancient attitude, not an ancient sound.