Prospective material written for a srpg project that may or may not come to exist beyond the initial design phase. Various factors, including indecision concerning the setting, aesthetic considerations, and an unsure overall artistic outlook leave these tracks in a sort of limbo, burning a hole in my hard drive. Not everything leaves initial planning in development, and I'd like to move on to other work while still getting something out of what I've done.

These works represent a sample of the larger body of work proposed, mostly consisting of map themes, and were all written between March and July, while Lurk was being finalized. Event and menu themes were sketched, but don't exist outside of MIDI demos. Owing to their nature as proposed material, these are still "work files" as opposed to being mastered for a polished release.

The order reflects the order of composition, and the overall shift of stylistic intent as ideas were developed, with the earliest tracks Battle and Warm Wind being much different stylistically than the later tracks, Green Grass and a Highland Breeze and Blue Skies Forever. The former work was very early, when not much aesthetically was determined, akin to throwing things at the wall and seeing what would stick, whereas the latter sees a trend towards a very 2000s "jrpg" style, where the incessant use of bagpipes, whistles, and accordions started to annoy me. The central pieces are the closest to home stylistically for me, being more astringent and harmonically rough.

Sean Patrick Ignatius Tartaglia